Chhau Productions

The item is inspired by the poem of the Negro poetess Maya Angelou which goes by the same title. She speaks about slaves rising from the oppression of an imposed existence, surging like tides against vested prejudices and twisted lies.
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The choreography brings together the dynamism of two styles of martial dance: the Tang Ta of Manipuri and the Chhau style of Orissa.. The item takes inspiration from the opening section of the Natya Shastra which describes how the enactment of the first play in Indra's court was disrupted by the demons displeased for having been adversely portrayed.
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Surya Devata
In this item the Sun is depicted in its different positions such as the raising sun, the sun at its zenith, the setting sun and the nocturnal sun.
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Images of Change
The item is inspired by the ancient system of Chinese philosophy which interprets the entire universe as an unending interplay between the two basic opposite forces of yin and yang, feminine and masculine.
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The Journey
Innovative item which  stretches the possibilities of the Chhau style of dance into a modern interpretation of the same.
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Pancha Bhuta
A dance production in Mayurbhanj Chhau Style performed by dancers of the Mayurbhanj Chhau Nrutya Prathisthan, Baripada trained under the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi Project.
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Echo and Narcissus
An innovative choreography that blends the Mayurbhanji Chhau technique, with the famous classic Greek myth.
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