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I share my experience and knowledge in photography with persons who are interested in acquiring these skills. I conduct a variety of courses, ranging from 3 day workshops to a three month course with classes held once a week.

The course content for the 3 month Certificate course is as follows:

A. Introduction to Photography

- Principles of Photography
- Photography as an Art and a Science
- Types of Photgoraphy
- Applications of Photography
- Components involved in Photography
- Light & Light sensitive materials
- Types of film - Sensitivity & Formats

B. Understanding the Camera

- Camera

a. Anatomy of a camera
b. Types of camera's
c. Shutter
d. Aperature
e. Using Shutter & Aperature together

- Lens

a. Why lenses
b. Types of lenses and their use
c. Filters
d. Focus & Depth of Field
e. Perspective

C. Understanding how photographs are created

- Light & Film

a. Making an Image in Silver
b. How films respond to light
c. Choosing a film
d. Using light and film

- Exposure

D. Making Prints

- Developing the film (B/W)

a. Processing
b. Time & temperature
c. Exposure & Development
d. Special development techniques

- Printing (B/W)

a. Dark room
b. Processing prints
c. Techniques for enhancing prints

E. Putting it all together

- Composing

- Lighting efffects

- Techniques in preserving and exhibiting photographs

Training Methods:
Practical sessions and theory classes will be held concurrently. Comprehensive study material and extensive practicals provided.

Participants will be awarded a Certificate on successful completion of the course.

Course Fee:
Rs.5,500/- payable at time of admission. Materials required for the course i.e. paper, film, chemicals etc will be charged extra.

Workshops are held at regular intervals on one or more components listed above. Special workshops can also be arranged on request.

It is desirable that students/learners should have access to an SLR camera.

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You can contact me at:

Ph. 91-674-2430239
Mobile: 91-9861040145

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