In order to bring about a renewed awareness of photography as an art, to emphasize the role of photography in preserving memories of special moments and feelings and to associate photography with fun, we are organizing a highly focussed event titled Photo Expo - 2001 on 23, 24 & 25 March 2001 at Soochana Bhawan Lawn / Indira Gandhi Park at Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar lends itself very naturally as a venue for a variety of reasons. Located on the east coast with beautiful beaches, awe inspiring temples and monuments and some of the most beautiful landscapes and peoples, Orissa is one of the most photographable locations in India. This has reflected in the emergence of photography as a hobby amongst the people here and the explosion in the number of photography related businesses is ample evidence of this. An encouraging feature is the growth in the black and white segment which is an indicator of serious photo enthusiasts. The increase in the number of contestants from Orissa in photography contests is another indicator of the growth in the popularity of photography, both as a hobby as well as a profession.

Photo Expo 2001 is aimed at motivating the budding photographers of the state as well as encourage others to try out photography as a hobby. To do this the Expo will have an exposition of the best work of some of the experienced professionals in the field, as well as the works of amateurs which will be judged and awarded prizes. The Expo will also have a limited number of stalls where organisations dealing in products and services related to photography will be allowed to market their products/services. In addition to the stalls, organisations may also opt for display ad.'s, banners etc. As this is a highly focussed event, it will be a win-win situation for both participants and the visitors, consisting of people from all walks of life drawn together by an interest in photography. Adequate publicity as well as invitations will ensure a large turnout of visitors to the Expo.

The options available for Advertisers/Sponsors are as follow:

Main Sponsor Rs.1 lakh
Co-Sponsor Rs.50,000/-
8 Stalls (10' X 10') Rs.10,000/- each
Press Conference Rs.10,000/-
20 Banners in Bhubaneswar City
(10' X 3')
Rs.1,500/- each
Awards (5 Topics - 3 prizes each)
  • Rs.1,50,000/- in cash or
  • Holiday at Resorts (4 days/3 nights, 3 days/2 nights, 2 days /1 night) or
  • Air/Train ticket or
  • Gift Hamper of equal amount

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